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Surrounding Area

Ishikari Bay New Port Zone, the product distribution base for the Sapporo area which is being developed with Ishikari Bay New Port at its heart, is a large-scale 3022 hectare project led by the national and prefectural governments, Otaru City, Ishikari City and Ishikari Development Co., Ltd.
The zone is currently home to over 700 companies including over 600 operating companies working in a wide range of industries including distribution, food-related services, recycling, and more.

The Ishikari Bay New Port Zone has attracted a great reputation for its extensive infrastructure, its convenient location just 15 km from central Sapporo, and its verdant working environment, with one third of the development area given over to parks and green spaces.

Hokkaido’s biggest concentration of freezing and refrigeration warehouses

Companies Located / Operating in the Zone

Zone name Companies located Companies operating
No. of companies Area (ha) No. of companies Area (ha)
Industry Zone 501 545.6 421 446.3
Distribution Zone 210 233.2 193 195.9
Management Support Zone 15 31.3 11 16.5
Port Zone 19 84.9 15 44.5
Total 745 895.1 640 703.2

As of March 30, 2018

See here for details (website of Ishikari Development Co., Ltd.)

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Ishikari Development Co., Ltd.
Address Second Floor, Ishikari New Port Oroshi Center Union Hall, 721-11, Shinko-Nishi 1 Chome, Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone Number: +81-133(72)2255

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