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Outlying Facilities

Name Planned Extension Current Extension Reference
North breakwater 4,900m 4,500m
Island breakwater 640m 640m
East breakwater 694m 694m
Breakwater (off-island) 150m 0m
East sand control groin 500m 500m
Sand control groin 200m 200m
West sand control groin 400m 400m

Water Area Facilities

名称 Plan Current Extension Reference
Plan Area Plan Area
Central sea route -14m~-15m 94.3ha -14m~-15m 92.3ha
East zone sea route -3m 2.0ha -3m 2.0ha
East zone berth -3m 3.0ha
-7.5m 14.9ha -7.5m 14.9ha
-10m 1.0ha -10m 30.5ha
-12m 1.3ha
East zone sea route / berth -10m 4.9ha -10m 4.9ha
-12m 27.5ha
Center zone berth -7.5m 17.4ha -7.5m 17.4ha
-13m 23.6ha -13m 23.6ha
Center zone sea route / berth -13m 4.2ha -13m 4.2ha
Center waterway zone berth -5.5m 3.2ha
-7.5m 3.0ha -7.5m 3.0ha
-10m 13.3ha -10m 5.5ha
Center waterway zone route / berth -10m 59.1ha -10m 47.9ha
West zone berth -12m 1.1ha
-14m 1.6ha -14m 1.6ha
West zone sea route / berth -12m 14.8ha
-14m 40.3ha -14m 40.3ha

Berthing Facilities

Zone name Public / Dedicated Quay (-5.5m or more) Reference
Planned Extension Current Extension
Depth No. of Berths Extension Depth No. of Berths Extension
Tarukawa Wharf Public -5.5m 2 200m
-7.5m 3 390m -7.5m 3 390m
-10m 2 370m -10m 2 370m
Bannaguro Wharf Public -7.5m 1 220m -7.5m 1 220m
-10m 6 1,050m -10m 3 540m Including one earthquake-resistant berth
East Wharf Public -7.5m 2 260m -7.5m 2 260m
-10m 1 185m -10m 1 185m
-12m 1 240m
West Wharf Public -12m 1 240m
-14m 1 280m -14m 1 280m
Center Wharf Dedicated -7.5m 6 865m -7.5m 6 865m
-13m 1 -13m 1 Dolphin
Total 27 4,300m 20 3,110m

Port Facilities

Facility Name Name Size Reference
Shed Bannaguro Public Shed 1 Area 1,800㎡ Completed July 1988
Shed Bannaguro Public Shed 2 Area 2,000㎡ (with 5m eaves) Completed November 1996
Shed Bannaguro Public Shed 3 Area 4,000㎡ (with 5m eaves) (includes 1000m2 fumigation facility and 308m2 fixed temperature facility). Completed January 1999
(Fumigation facility completed March 1999 / fixed temperature facility completed March 2006)
Shed Tarukawa Public Shed 1 Area 5,000㎡ Completed September 1991
Shed Tarukawa Public Shed2 Area 4,000㎡(with 9.5m eaves) Completed February 1996
Towboat Kamui 171G / T,3600PS Ishikari Bay New Port Services Co., Ltd.
Cargo-handling equipment Top lifter 35 ton capacity Introduced July 1997
Gantry crane 30.5 ton net spreader lifting load Introduced December 2001
Weighing machines Truck scale Mounting platform measures 3m x 15m, weighs up to 50 tons Completed August 1996
Electric facilities Outlet for freezing containers 440V78 outlet / 220V12 outlet Completed July 1997


Animal Quarantine

Ishikari Bay New Port was designated as a plant protection port in 1999 and as an animal quarantine port in 2000, and so can now be used for the direct import and export of fruit, vegetables and livestock products.
The Bannaguro Zone is equipped with a shed containing fumigation and fixed temperature vaults, and also has outlets for reefer containers.
In addition, with multiple freezing and refrigeration warehouses and food-related companies operating in the surrounding area, the port acts as a base for the distribution of foodstuffs.


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